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General Knowledge
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General knowledge and current affairs is a collection of weekly GK & CA since June, 2016. These have been featured weekly through Bank Preparatory and Exam 360.

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This book can be an ideal reference for students preparing for any competitive or recruitment exams (esp., those conducted by UPSC and other central or state recruitment boards ~ Civil Service exams, SSC, Railway Recruitment exams, Bank exams to name a few).

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General Knowledge and Current Affairs - Business & Finance

AGRI-BUSINESS, INDUSTRY, ECONOMY, MARKETS, BUDGET, STOCK QUOTES, Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, Corporation, Cooperative, Franchises, Charter Corporations, Statutory Companies, Public Companies And Private Companies, Retailers, Wholesalers, And Distributors, Service Businesses, Investments, Assets And Liabilities, Public Finance, Corporate Finance And Personal Finance, Rate Of Return, Tax Planning, Investment And Accumulation Goals, Capital Structure, Financial Crisis