One-One – Improve Your Study Success With Expert Coaching

One-One – Improve Your Study Success With Expert Coaching

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Educational service providers around the world know just how successful online coaching can be. Here’s two views from the US: providing personalised attention enhances students’ capabilities to be successful (Penn State World Campus) and online coaching empowers students to break down the barriers that might stand in the way of achieving their life goals (Brandman University). Talking to prospective students, the UK’s University of Edinburgh is sure that the best online experience helps you progress your career, and students often find they can immediately apply what they learn online in their extended studies or chosen professions.

Questionbang is proud to launch a new online coaching service, One-One – connecting you with an expert faculty to help you with your study.

One-One is about helping you to find answers or encouraging you to learn by questioning. Unlike regular coaching (after class hours tuition), One-One does not offer lectures.  Sessions are short (max 30 mins), with the simple objective of helping you answer subject or exam questions you find most difficult. You’ll be able to learn by questioning, progressive assessment.

Do features of the One-One service compare well to international online coaching best practice (as described,for example, by the University of Central Florida)? We think Yes.


Online Coaching Best Practice One-One
Coaches and students co-create session plans that account for non-academic, life factors that might arise Session schedules based on student needs
Coaches understand what is happening for students at each point in their journey Mock exam review
Coaches and students co-create strategies to stay on track Study plan advice
Coaches help students work out how to be successful in their educational journey Sharing important notes and tips


Disclaimer: One-One does not offer full length lectures. It is not like a regular class room, nor is it a substitute for regular class.

Would One-One be right for you?

  • Yes – if you’re a self-study enthusiast, or you don’t want to waste time and money with after-class-hour coaching.
  • Yes – if you’re a student who’s normally good at studies (doesn’t take extra coaching), but wants occasional, exclusive attention and help.
  • No – if you’re already taking coaching (tuition), in addition to regular class room lectures.

Take a look at One-One. You may end up agreeing with one American educational pioneer (Dr. Ken Hartman) – coaching provides the backbone that online students need to help them build resourceful strategies to successfully complete their studies.

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