Questionbang App To Replace The Mock Set Plus

Questionbang App to Replace The Mock Set Plus

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We are pleased to announce a new version of the Questionbang App (Version 3.3.3) fully compatible with desktop devices (browsers) – Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. This release of the Questionbang App is to phase out the earlier desktop version known by the name Mock Set Plus.

You can access the Questionbang App (Desktop) from this URL ~

Note to Mock Set Plus users

Existing Mock Set Plus users who have been using Google or Facebook for signing in can switch over to the Questionbang App (desktop or Mobile) without any hassles. However, the users who have used email for signing in can contact us to have their accounts migrated.

The Mock set plus will not get any feature updates in the future and will cease to exist (End Of Life) by 31st December 2022.

NOTE ~ Internet Explorer 11 and the lower versions, Firefox browser in the private mode, etc., would not support the Questionbang App. Hence, these browsers will continue redirecting the users to the Mock Set Plus.


Note to mock set subscribers

The Mock Set Plus subscribers who do not want to switch over to the Questionbang App can continue using the Mock Set Plus till 31st December 2022.

Note to Questionbang affiliates

The Questionbang App is yet to support the affiliate features. Please replace the product links with something like below:…, so that the users are taken to the Mock Set Plus instead of the Questionbang portal pages. Please write to us for any assistance while migrating the affiliate product links.


Visit Questionbang App

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