5 minute mock tests?

The CET Social and more apps soon to be released will continue to follow 5 X 5 pattern; five minutes for each mock test, five mock tests per topic every week . These apps are designed for mobiles or tablets  to help practice or play anywhere, e.g. while waiting at bus stop. You do not have to set aside a dedicated time of longer duration to try these quizzes. The question bang! apps are kind of multiplayer games, you play your quizzes and can know your standing every  5 minutes. The limited number of quizzes ( CET social has 20 quizzes every week) is to ensure less time to play and compare rankings.
We are adding more analytic to future versions, esp., average scoring trends to help you monitor your regular progress.

Have you been trying CET Social? Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.