Daily Free Mock Tests - completes one year

Daily Free Mock Tests – Completes One Year!

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Image by tjevans from Pixabay

The daily free mocks have just completed their first year! Questionbang has been offering (free) daily mock tests every day since September 2020. Thanks to the feedback we received throughout the academic season. This format of tests is going to be available in the future also.

About daily mock tests

 These are short format mock tests (16 – 36 minutes duration) but for a complete syllabus. The exams covered are the NEET, JEE, and Bank exams. The tests are accessible through desktop browsers  (mock-set-plus),  mobile web browsers (Questionbang web app), or native Android app (Questionbang mobile app).


Year of daily mocks

We have 1000’s of users attempting the daily mock tests (NEET, JEE, Bank Exams) regularly. Below are some insights we gathered, hope these be of help while planning a better user experience in the future versions.

  • Only a few completed more than 25 sessions.
  • There have been many instances where users ended the tests without attempting the complete set –  maybe they were not yet ready for the full syllabus.
  • There are some cases where users left the sessions in progress and never returned to complete them – a few of these may be because of network or related app issues.

We hope to be able to address network and other performance issues soon. Also, reminders to encourage users to complete the unfinished sessions are something we plan to offer in future releases.

Moving forward

We have seen many users making the best use of daily free mock tests by regularly attempting the daily papers – 25 -30 days (sessions) in a row. We believe a regular assessment through daily mock tests is a must-have exercise for progressive learning.

Questionbang is going to continue offering this feature for the ongoing academic season as well. As before, users can attempt free mock tests (NEET, JEE, Bank Exams)  every day using a desktop or a mobile device.


We value your feedback and welcome any comments to help us serve you better.

Happy learning!