Chapterwise mock tests ~ best practices

Chapterwise Mock Tests ~ Best Practices

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The chapterwise mock tests for the NEET/JEE and Bank Exams are the most sought-after products among the Questionbang offerings. They come with thousands of quality Q/A’s, enough to practise for the exams ~ NEET, JEE, or Bank Exams. There are not many students who complete even 50% of these papers! Let us look at the best practices when using the chapterwise mock tests.  

Do not attempt the test if you are yet to study the chapter. The mock tests are not just about questions and answers/hints, you have to attempt these questions as you would in real exams.

Make best use of the instant answers feature, but do not spend time analyzing the correct answer until you complete the session.

Review all the questions, answers, and hints (solutions), esp., those you have incorrectly answered.

Bookmark incorrectly answered questions. Go back to books (or notes) to find out what made your answer wrong.

Use the pause feature as necessary. You can come back to where you left off anytime in the future. You do not have to end the session even if you have no time to complete the session in one sitting!  


You can find more details about the chapterwise mocks from the following links:

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