COVID-19 season, for a change, exams are looking less of a worry

COVID-19 season: For a change, exams are looking less of a worry

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By now, with almost 50 days locked inside our homes, I am sure your world has been turned upside down by the unprecedented crisis.

Being a student myself, I can empathize with the anxiety you are feeling because of the uncertainty of the situation. But if you look around, have a broader sense of what is actually going on, things are not well. With lakhs of people dying around the world, we are standing on the threshold of a big change. Due to the SARS COV-2 virus, the world is locked down and life has stopped. In the coming days, economic slowdown may take form of an even bigger epidemic. Governments are facing a huge dilemma whether to extend lockdown or open the country but either way, people are going to die.

In this situation, don’t you think exams are less of a worry? Don’t you think it’s an easier problem to face? Everyone is trying their best and all we need to do is to have faith and be positive. We should not, of course, discard studying altogether. A little step everyday would keep us in touch with whatever we have been preparing.

And if you are really positive, you will realise that you actually got extra time for preparation. The point is to use this time productively, whether it is learning a new skill or honing the previous ones. While we keep fighting with the crisis, we have to stay put and understand and accept this reality, only then can we emerge victorious

Let’s commit ourselves to a brighter future and look at the positive side.

Best of luck!



Ramyani Bhattacharya is a teen blogger, was in the middle of  her final CBSE board exams when a nationwide lockdown was announced. Questionbang would like to thank Ramyani for sharing her thoughts.


  • Tim Hamper

    May 12, 2020

    More and more positive signals are now coming out of this crisis, and Ramyani’s is another. Whatever the context (her’s is sitting her Indian Central Board of Secondary Education exams), it’s hard to not to like “let’s commit ourselves to a brighter future and look at the positive side.” Best of luck to you too Ramyani!

    • questionbang

      May 13, 2020

      Thank you!

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