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Hey folks, Vani this side, hope you all are safe and sound.


I heard exams got postponed again due to COVID 19, some of you may be sad because of all the plan that was made for the post-exam has to wait a little more and some of you have accepted the verdict with an open heart and positive mindset, kudos to you people.


So the thing I want to discuss here is, you must have thought “with all these extra time in hand, I will completely revise my syllabus for like 3-4 times, will solve complete H C Verma and previous year questions and will memorize biology by heart ~ great planning. But the real question is are you people following this? To all those whose answer is “yes” congrats you are on the right path and for the people who are on the negative side, it’s time to re-evaluate the very reason you started preparation for this exam. Nobody knows it’s importance in your life more than yourself.  Don’t let this silly procrastination destroy your dreams so easily, don’t let your months of hard work go in vain because, in the end, you are the only one who is going to suffer the pain of rejection or enjoy the fruit of selection.


Here are some tips to stop procrastinating and start studying:

  1. Start studying right now. The tomorrow you all are waiting for, never going to come.
  2. Start with your favourite chapter as it will boost your confidence by several folds.
  3. Divide your syllabus into different levels-easy, medium, hard (like you play all those games) conquer each level one by one and give yourself a reward every time you surpassed one level (your favourite cookie will do the trick).
  4. If you don’t want to read a boring chapter, just solve the previous year’s questions. If you notice any difficulty in questions,go through that topic.
  5. Keep reminding yourself why you started this preparation first place and what does this exam mean to you (repeat this step, after every two hours in a day).
  6. This one is the toughest of all, but believe in yourself you can do it. You have to switch off your phone !!!!! Sounds difficult right??? But remember step no•5 and do it.
Believe in yourself, if you had done it before, you can do it again. I hope this helps.


Vani Anand is a student blogger. Questionbang would like to thank Vani for sharing useful tips to avoid procrastinating.