Qb's day out

Qb’s day out

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We have been demonstrating CET Social app in some of the PU  colleges  around Hubli and  Dharwad.  We knew that an app like CET Social would not need any presentation or demo, but it  was important for us to  get to know the end users and user community at large.

It has been an enriching experience to interact with  finest of  teachers and students of Hubli/Dharwad. Thank you all!

Highlights of  queries we have been answering?

What is question bang! ? CET Social ?

It  is a multi vendor platform  in the making – exclusively for quizzes. The question bang! aims to connect quiz providers and students.
CET Social is our first app, a show case app to  relay weekly quizzes. We have many more apps in the production.


Where do you get questions from?

We have been using questions available on public domain just as a starting point. We are talking to few experts from whom we can source quizzes.
If you are an expert having many years of teaching background, you are the right person we want to partner with,  please write to us!

Is CET Social free?

CET Social  (and other apps in the making) are free to use. We may add in-app purchases in future, by and large users may be able to continue using the application without having to spend money.

Why do results do not show up explanations for the correct answer?

We wanted the students to refer to books or lecture notes to dig out explanations or solutions. It has been our intention to encourage reading subject books and lecture notes while CET Social as a play break. However, we  are going to  come out with a new set of  mock tests with detailed answers and solutions, should be available on play store by end of  December.

Please feel free to contact us should you need further details about our products or services.