Scoring trends - rank v/s score

Scoring trends – rank v/s score

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One of our users have been doing extremely well in PCB, while the user seems to have opted for stat instead of bio in class 12th. This did happen for the user only for 1-2 weeks, but not longer. May be the student was good at bio during class 10th or good at guessing. You should be watching your absolute score,  relative score is just about how others are doing.
Top 5 leader board has been hovering around 30%-40% marks (both for PCM and PCB), and 9 to 10 % of the total contestants (about 130-150 students every week) made this to the list. But the app leader board shows only five contestants who completed the quizzes sooner.

It has been a contest between 10% of users so far. Going by the scores even those top 5% of CET Social users from last 2 weeks have less chance of making to into say top 30,000 in CET or AIPMT.
A good guess while answering multiple choice questions can achieve a score up to 10-15%, but may not be of any significance.
Roughly 5-6 % of contestants (approx 100 every week) are computer simulated  contestants, where the randomized answer choices are used (e.g picking one choice from a group of one correct and 2 wrong answers randomly).

Just to summarize, if you are one of the top 5, and if your score is  less than 40% it is no good!

Please aim for  90% or more absolute score, please keep a close watch on your absolute score, disregard ranking.