Making sense of App reviews

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“Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.”

                  –  Aesop

Aesop was a Greek fabulist and storyteller credited with a number of fables now collectively known as Aesop’s Fables


We have four apps on Google Play ~ CET Social, Bank Preparatory, JEE 360, NEET Weekly –  each having 5000+ downloads. About 23,000+ downloads in total from all Apps. It is very difficult to reflect upon star reviews as the apps do not have many downloads or many reviews. Only those reviews with comments can give some useful feedback, but they are not many.

We can classify some of our negative reviews into following groups:

  1. No hints available, no Hindi paper support.
  2. Uninstalled app, because something is not working.
  3. UI could have been better.
  4. Worst app, bored.
  5. Only showing errors / can’t function properly.

There are many single and double star ratings without comments, guess they are because of one of the above reasons. Negative reviews are most valuable, we have been addressing such issues through regular updates.


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No hints available, no Hindi paper support.

There are content related comments, all of our apps offer brand new content (quizzes & solutions) every week. For example, our first app CET Social was not offering hints for correct answers. Even our latest app NEET Weekly did not have hints for biology questions. This issue is fully resolved now. The question bank has been updated to include hints & detailed solutions for every answer.

The comment about missing a regional language support is something to be addressed in future. We are planning to support Hindi and Kannada for some of topics to start with.


Uninstalled app, because something is not working.

This has been a major issue every now and then. While the Google Play developer console offers a detailed report on app crashes., there were cases hard to reproduce using emulator or other hardware configurations. Since June last year (2018), we discontinued support for Jelly bean and older versions. Recent versions of apps are more stable than they used to be.


UI could have been better.

This feedback is something we got for Bank Preparatory app. The app has been revamped completely, the latest version (3.2.1) at Google Play is yet to get any feedback. We are also in the process of improving other apps, hopefully JEE 360 is going to be the next one.


Worst app, bored.

This is a feedback we received for JEE 360. An exam as such is not an interesting affair, especially for those who are not interested in studies. Questionbang apps are not gamified apps, in fact we have tried to emulate actual exams but of shorter duration. Objective of our apps has been to emulate seriousness and urgency of an exam to offer good practice to the users. However, we may need to bring-in gamification features to these apps to make them interesting.


Only showing errors / can’t function properly.

These kind of comments are hard to decode. There were definitely some problems, but not obvious from the review comments. The web services that our apps use have also undergone several releases during last 3 years. There have been updates to improve performance and to lighten payloads.



We also received many positive comments through our feedback forms. They indeed were an indication of everything is not bad. In a nutshell, the reviews do decide course of app future. Unfortunately our apps did not have that many downloads or reviews. But, we are making best use of whatever our users have been telling.


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Questionbang takes this opportunity to thank all users who reviewed our apps through Google Play or sent us constructive comments using feedback forms.