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Study @ home through one-one

Study @ Home Through One-One

We all know that the internet is full of free materials – books, notes, video lessons, mock exams. Enough for studying and preparing for any exam? Questionbang is also offering useful study materials (video lessons) on various topics related to NEET, JEE and Bank exams. Thanks to…

JEE – Chapterwise online tests

JEE – Chapterwise Online Tests

Questionbang introduced chapterwise mock exams during last academic session (2018 -19). It was only for bank exam and NEET topics, then. The NEET chapterwise exams have been very  popular, some of our users scored 500+ marks in just concluded NEET.  We now have another set for …


Questionbang welcomes Tim Hamper

We are pleased to announce that Tim Hamper is going to collaborate with Questionbang as a Senior Advisor.  Tim carries  35+ years of experience in various management roles – finance, production, purchasing, sales and commercial procurement. He has a degree in management from Henley Business School.…


Making sense of App reviews

  “Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.”                   –  Aesop Aesop was a Greek fabulist and storyteller credited with a number of fables now collectively known as Aesop’s Fables   We have four…

Mock-set-plus mobile (Version 3)

  We recently upgraded mock-set-plus to improve mobile user experience. Improvements to product gallery for making titles and descriptions more legible, Re-positioning some of the controls in test session and review screens to have larger share of screen space for the Q/A content.   Following are…


All New Bank Preparatory

  Introducing – Bank preparatory version 3+ The Bank Preparatory  app completed 2 years on Play store; 10,000+ downloads, 100 – 600 active installs, surely are below par numbers! The feedback have been mixed,  mainly of following types: Quality of content: There were some comments related…

General knowledge and Current affairs E-book

  We have been offering weekly general knowledge and current affairs (GK & CA) through Bank Preparatory application. This collection now has 100+ weeks content. The GK & CA E-book is based on these contents, but in  PDF format for offline reading. This book can be…

mock-set-plus bank exams

mock-set-plus bank exams

mock-set-plus has been hosting various bank mock exams since December 2016. We started offering new pattern from CWE Clerk mains 2017/18. SBI PO (Prelims) SBI Probationary Officers (Prelims) – JUMBO/STARTER Packs. Model question paper for SBI PO Prelims/Mains – Selected from topics & patterns of SBI…

questionbang - best practices

Questionbang – best practices

  Making best use of free Questionbang apps and mock-set-plus Introduction

Recently some of our app users were asking whether the Questionbang apps are free. Yes, Questionbang apps are more or less free for  majority of  features. One can attempt weekly quizzes and review answers without making…

Battle of Exams

Battle of Exams

“The toughest battle you’ll ever fight in your life is the battle within yourself.” – Anonymous

An exam toughness is subjective, it may be difficult to quantify. Any opinion based on past feedback may not be valid for future exams. We try to compare three popular exams…

Score share - Insight in to relative strength or weakness

Score share – Insight into relative strength or weakness


If you are a Bank Preparatory app user, you may be watching your score share regularly. This feature comes under My chances, and is a part of Result analysis feature. All of Questionbang apps, viz., Bank Preparatory, JEE 360 and NEET Weekly offer this feature. The score share feature is…

Overall Result Analysis - digging deeper in to mock-set-plus result analysis

Overall Result Analysis – digging deeper into mock-set-plus result analysis

Imagine, you have been using one of Questionbang apps for several weeks, and also mock-set-plus. You want to have a consolidated performance report card, e.g., comparison of your best  weekly score and best mock-set-plus score, or your overall performance compared with other users. An overall result analysis does just that. It is about summing up…

Progressive Improvement - A case study using NEET Weekly

Progressive Improvement – A case study using NEET Weekly

~ A case study of three top contestants  of NEET Weekly from December 03, 2017 to December 24, 2017
NEET Weekly is the latest Android app from Questionbang for NEET aspirants. The app hosts mini quizzes every week. These are mini mock exams, total time required to attempt…