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mock-set-plus JEE mock exams

mock-set-plus JEE mock exams

JEE Mains 2021
Daily free online tests

Attempt a free mock test every day. Better your performance by using mock-set-plus result analysis, recommendations.

Questionbang mock-set-plus offers the right mix of questions from every topic - Daily free mock tests in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Get practicing – be an exam winner!

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What? when? how? Everything you need to know about exams.

JEE 2021 Syllabus, Pattern

Below is the complete exam pattern for Joint entrance exam 2021 ~ Mains & Advanced. The question paper...

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Model papers, previous year papers

Download model papers & previous year papers (PDF)...

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JEE 2021 dates and schedules

Find latest updates on JEE 2021, dates & schedules, important notifications from National Testing Agency...

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Questionbang Quora

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questionbang quora
.  What is meant by "conceptual clarity" in any competitive exams such as the JEE or the UPSC?

There is no better example than the one shown in popular Bollywood movie...

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questionbang quora
.  What is a very effective study method that can help you learn fast?

You can learn fast and your learning will be effective when you have set attainable learning goals. Imagine you want...

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questionbang quora
.  What should be done to improve my score as I am scoring around 50-60 in every mock? How do I solve this problem?

It is good that you have been trying mock exams regularly. You are also aware that...

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JEE 360

JEE 360 offers you a brand new set of mock exams - every seven days.

JEE 360
Weekly quizzes, fully solved. Practice, assess and plan your JEE Mains 2021 preparation.

Collection of mock exams offered as mini quizzes...

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JEE 360
Brand new mock exams every week, JEE pattern.

500+ mini mock exams, enough for JEE Mains 2021 preparation...

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JEE 360
Result analysis includes instant ranking, comparative trends.

Progressive assessment is a proven technique to enhance competitiveness...

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