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Performance analysis

performance analysis

Performance analysis allows mock-set-plus users to compare score and speed of different mock test sessions. The feature is available only for mock sets offering more than one model papers.

performance analysis graphs
Score & Speed Analysis

The chart here is for a mock set having 3 mock tests (or model papers) - Reasoning Ability (1), Reasoning Ability (2) and Reasoning Ability (3). The chart is showing both scores and speed:
Y axis (left) - scores as percentage,
Y axis (right) - speed as number of questions attempted per minute,
X axis - model papers (mock test sessions),

performance analysis - best score
Best Score

This is your highest score from completed mock test sessions.

performance analysis - best speed
Best Speed

This is your highest speed (number of questions attempted per minute) from completed mock test sessions.

performance analysis - observations

This is a summary of your performance - scores and speed from first and latest sessions are compared.