What is CET Social?

CET Social is a mobile app for those preparing for admission to medical or engineering undergraduate courses. At the time of this writing, the Questionbang was covering Maharashtra/Gujrat CET (MHT-CET, GUJCET) or Karnataka CET (KCET) patterns. But we are adding more quizzes every day. We are going to cover many more question patterns in near future, including JEE (Mains), entrance tests conducted by other boards across the India.

While you try CET Social every week,
1. Please never use this app in any place that prohibit the use of mobile devices
2. The app is to help you assess your knowledge; the app may help you to assess your standing in the competition. This app is not a substitute to your books or class room lectures.

Study well, listen to your teachers, play CET Social 15 minutes a day or less!