How Can I Prepare For the NEET Online Test 2020?

How Can I Prepare For the NEET Online Test 2020?

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The NEET 2020 is just 5 months away, let your new year resolution be about clearing the exam.

January to May is crucial as you will be appearing for the 12th board exam and all India NEET, both of different patterns. It is important to focus on both, but the immediate focus should be the board exams.


Practice regularly using MCQ’s

Spend at least 30 minutes every day with the NEET MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions).  Previous year papers and the mock exams, both can be very useful. Assuming that you have 4-5 months of preparation time from now, you can get 75-80 hours of mock exam practice before the NEET 2020.



Focus on topics you are weak with

Chapterwise mock exams are about getting used to quality MCQs from every chapter.

Try chapter-wise mock exams, get an idea of the weakest topics or topics needing more revisions. The chapter-wise mock exams based on the old NEET papers can give an idea about important topics from a past perspective. It may be easier to score (and prepare) Botany & Zoology esp., for those who have less liking for other subjects.

mock-set-plus performance analysis
Performance analysis ~ a graph showing topic wise performance



Expect the unexpected

The full-length mock exams (or the online test series) is something that can give a real exam experience. Questionbang mock-set-plus offers three types of test series, Jumbo, Model sets and Touch-ups. These papers follow a random pattern to simulate an unforeseen experience.

For those who are curious about the historical NEET pattern, below is a table showing topics having a relatively higher weight-age. This is based on past AIEEE/NEET papers. But please don’t pay much attention to such analytics. Let us not treat only these to be important topics. Assume, the NEET 2020 going to be unforeseen!

   Physics ~ chapters with weightage > 5%

Chapters Weightage (%)
Ray Optics and Optical Instruments 12
Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance 11
Waves 7
Electric Charges and Fields 7
Current Electricity 6
Others (19 chapters) 57

  Chemistry ~ chapter with  weightage > 5%

Chapters Weightage (%)
Equilibrium 9
Thermodynamics 6
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids 6
Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry 6
p-Block Elements 6
Others (21 chapters) 57

 Biology ~ chapters with weightage > 5%

Chapters Weightage (%)
Human physiology 10
Genetics and Evolution 10
Plant Physiology 10
Ecology 10
Reproduction (Zoology) 9
Others (8 chapters) 51


Follow an honest schedule ~ the board exams & the NEET

The board exams are as important as the NEET, follow a schedule that you are comfortable with and can stick to. Below are the tables showing a sample schedule for the board and the NEET preparation. The January/February is mostly about theory & some of Chapterwise, March/April for the mock test series.

January – February daily schedule
12th Board (Theory) NEET (MCQ)
Physics 2 hours
Chemistry 2 hours
Biology 2 hours
Mathamatics 2 hours
The online chapter-wise mock exams can go hand in hand with the theory revision.  Just a 15 minutes per topic (total 1 hour every day) using the Chapterwise MCQ’s can prepare you for the future full-length mock exams.


March – April daily schedule
12th Board (Theory) NEET (MCQ)

Not applicable

You will have 30+ days before the final NEET.  Practice at least 10 -15 full-length mock exams (minimum 3 hours every day) using the NEET online test series. Please make sure to do a thorough  review of un-attempted and wrongly answered questions.


It is going to be 8+ hours of preparation every day for the next 4 months. Take care and enjoy your studies.

You can find the NEET mock exams from the following links:

NEET Chapterwise Mock Exams – 2020
NEET Jumbo pack (mock test series – 2020)


We value your feedback and welcome any comments to help us serve you better.

Questionbang wishes you a happy and healthy year 2020