Somewhat social?

What is social  in question bang! apps?   As  with our first app  (CET Social), the key  features like  my ranking and top five depend on the number of contestants playing the quiz.  More features  are being planned for the future versions, esp.,  those to share results  and to discuss  quiz topics. Please write to us to know more about future versions.

There were not many  downloads  this week (end of  first week as  the app was released on   16th Sept). May be about 270-300 installs, many decided to share apks instead of downloading from play store. Fine though!  Many of  you have been playing the quizzes,  and some players were from Qb cloud.

Are you one of those top five in CET Social? please let us know just in case you want us to show case your scores on our G+ and Facebook pages.

Please keep playing CET social every week.



Beta blues

We have been using the play store beta for some time,  2 weeks to be precise. Our first app, CET social would be available for download from next week (by 16th Sept 2015). The app went through rigorous testing  through 11  participants who  volunteered for  beta testing . The app works great on  most platforms (Gingerbread to Lollipop), but with minor UI issues in Android 2.3,  Android 3.2 (Honeycomb and Gingerbread).

The app to be released  would require Android 4.0 (Ice cream sandwich) as minimum version. It was decided to  postpone  support  for older Android versions (version < 4.0) while we release the app. Future support for  older  Android  versions ( Honeycomb and older)  would be based on  user feedbacks;  chances are that  there  may not be many  devices using Honeycomb  or  Gingerbread!


Please let us know should you need this app for older Android devices ( version  2.3 – 3.2).