Mock exams

The Questionbang app offers mock tests for various exams. These tests come in different formats -
Daily (free),
Full-length, and
Chapterwise tests. Select a mock test, you are taken to the My tests screen. You can find a list of available mock-sets from the topic. A mock-set represents a collection of mock tests. If a mock-set is active, a validity duration is displayed just below the product description. A mock-set is valid for 6 - 12 months, but the validity can vary from product to product.

mock exams
My Tests

These are the mock-sets currently available for practice. You can get more details - the exam pattern and list of tests by tapping list items. A mock-set can have multiple papers (mock tests).

A mock test can have any of the following statuses:
Active: This is something you can attempt.
In progress: This is your on-going mock test session. You are not allowed to attempt any other test while having an in-progress session.
Completed: This is available for review, you can check questions & answers, and scores.
Pending: These are the mock-sets available for purchase.

mock tests
Mock test session

You are taken to a mock test session when you tap an active mock test. Various controls, esp., save & next, mark for review, clear-response work the same as those in IBPS/NTA/NRA exams.

You can pause a session at any time and resume later. You cannot re-attempt a mock test once the session ends.

mock test session
Review mock test

You are taken to a review screen when you tap a completed mock test.

You can find a section-wise performance summary while reviewing. You can also bookmark questions and answers.

mock test review