Performance analysis

Performance analysis

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Imagine you have attempted mock-set-plus test series having 30 model papers, each 10 from different topics. You may now want to compare individual scores, also time spent. The mock-set-plus offers performance analysis for mock-sets having more than one mock-tests (model papers). The performance analysis feature offers a comparison of scores and speeds.

Analyzing performance

The mock-set-plus reports both time and score for attempted mock tests. This result is obvious when a mock set has just one paper. However, for mock sets having many papers, e.g., bank exam, an overview of performance will be useful. Hence, only mock sets with multiple papers offer performance analysis.

The table below shows completed mock-test results from a mock-set having three papers.

Topics Attempted questions Max marks Obtained marks Max time (in min) Time taken (in min)
Reasoning Ability  (1) 32 35 17 20 16
Reasoning Ability  (2) 34 35 14 20 13
Reasoning Ability  (3) 35 35 30 20 17

Below are the percentage score and speed for above three mock-test sessions.

Percentage score Attempts per minute
48.57 2.00
40.00 2.62
85.71 2.06

The chart below has been taken from mock-set-plus performance analysis page.

Performance Analysis
Performance Analysis


Below are observations as reported by mock-set-plus:

> Score in latest session is up by 77% in comparison with first session.

> The user is 3% faster in latest session compare to first session.

An ideal practice should lead to an increasing scoring rate. Hope mock-set-plus will help you to better your performance.


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