JEE 2020 - Numerical value pattern

JEE 2020 – Numerical value pattern

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The JEE 2020 comes with a yet another pattern – reduced number of questions and numerical value questions. The numerical value questions are not new to the JEE, but not having multiple choice options is something new. 20% questions, i.e., 15 out of 75 questions are going to be numerical type. Answers to such questions can be whole numbers or decimal numbers.

The numeric types come with a space to write answers,  the students have to fully solve and find out the answer.

  • There is no way the answer can be guessed.
  • No negative marks for numerical value questions, one should not hesitate to attempt.



Below is a sample question taken from

A particle moves in the x-y plane under the influence 
of a force such that the linear momentum Is 
P(t) = A [î cos kt - ĵ sin kt] Where A and k are 
constants. The angle in degrees between force 
and momentum is_________.


Questionbang mock-set-plus recently revised all of it’s JEE papers as per latest pattern.

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