Comparing performance of daily mock exam sessions

Mock Test a Day – Free Daily Mock Tests for NEET/JEE & Bank Exams

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Covid-19 has changed everything. We do not know how the 2021 exams are going to be. The pattern of these exams (esp.,  the NEET, and the JEE) should not be changing much. But the syllabus might get a trim to compensate for the lost classroom sessions.

The Questionbang is now offering daily mock exams. It is available online. You can practice using desktop computers (mock-set-plus), Tabs, or Android phones (Questionbang App). It’s free!

About daily mock exams

These are mini mock exams, usually of 30 – 40 minutes duration. You get the questions of the same standard as actual exams (NEET, JEE, Bank exams). Also, you will have a brand new question set every day. The scores are factored to match the maximum marks of actual exams, e.g., 720 for the NEET, 300 for the JEE. Below is a summary of different daily exams:

Daily Mock Max marks Total questions Duration (min) Scaling
NEET Daily

Topics include Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. NEET pattern.

64 16 16 1:11.25
JEE Daily

Topics include Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, JEE (Mains) pattern.

60 15 36 1:5
Bank Exams Daily

Topics include Numerical Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, General English, Banking & Computers. IBPS pattern

20 20 20 1:5


Performance analysis

This a standard mock-set-plus feature where you can compare the daily performances – score & speed. You will also get recommendations based on past progress.

Result analysis

The application (both mock-set-plus & Questionbang app) can offer a broad outlook of performance and a forecast of chances. But you need to attempt at least 25 tests to get any realistic assessment.

Practice mode

The daily mocks come with a feature called practice mode – you can get instant answers as you solve the questions. As of now, this feature is supported only in the Android app (Questionbang app).

The daily mocks we hope can make you practice regularly. Also, these are short versions of actual exams (NEET/JEE/ Bank exams). You only need to spend 20 – 30 minutes every day.

Start practicing today. Visit mock-set-plus.