Questionbang portal version ~ 4

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We recently upgraded the Questionbang portal to go along with our new app (Questionbang App) release. There are no structural changes, but we have taken out many of the obsolete contents to make it current.


The Questionbang portal and the brand Questionbang will have a common logo (QB) in the future. This logo was already being used by our apps and the mock-set-plus, just that the portal was not using it before.


Release notes

The latest upgrade (version 4) brings in the following changes:

  • Added Questionbang App online documentation. The document introduces the main features of the app.
  • A new section added to the affiliate doc on testing & verifying the ad conversions.
  • Obsolete product manuals (CET Social, Bank Preparatory, JEE 360, and NEET Weekly) have been removed and should not be available for access in the future.
  • Some changes to screen layout and design to address mobile resolution issues.
  • Changes to serve mobile and desktop users with more relevant content. e.g., a mobile user would find Questionbang App links instead of mock-set-plus links that are for the desktop computer (or tab) users.

We hope you will find these upgrades useful! We welcome your suggestions, please do write to us.