Practice mode in Questionbang app

Practice Mode in Questionbang App

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If you have been using mock exams, no matter which exam or topic, you probably know how to review the results. The Questionbang mock-set-plus (and app) provide detailed answers and reports once you complete a test session. This works well when you are attempting a full-length mock session, as they are expected to simulate an online exam pattern.
The waiting-till-end model was not liked by some of our users, esp., those who have been using our earlier apps offering weekly quizzes. We now have a feature called practice mode, right now only in the Questionbang app.

Practice mode option

The practice mode feature allows users to check the answer instantly while the test session is still in progress – you do not have to wait for the test session to end to know the answer.

Practice mode in Questionbang app
Practice mode toggler

You can find a practice mode toggler in test details screens if the mock tests are going to offer instant answers. You can of course keep this turned off when you do not want to have the instant answer option.

Instant answers

When you are attempting a mock test offering practice mode, you can check the answer before or after answering a question.

Instant answer option
If you are yet to attempt a question, you can not attempt the question once you check the answer. e.g., you want to skip a question, but curious about knowing the right answer before moving to the next question. In other words, you will have to skip the question if you  check the answer before attempting.

instant answer confirmation

Another scenario could be, you want to verify whether your answer choice is correct before moving over to the next question. But you won’t be allowed to edit the answer or change the choice once you check the answer.

instant answer displayed
The instant answers won’t come with detailed hints (or solutions), as you do not want to spend time reviewing the answer while a test session is still in progress.

The Questionbang app (Android) now offers this feature, the web version (mock-set-plus) may offer this in future versions.

Note that the feature is available only in the daily mocks, getting started papers and, chapter-wise tests.

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