General knowledge & current affairs one-liners

General Knowledge & Current Affairs One-Liners

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Questionbang has been hosting weekly GK & CA for many years through exam 360. These are weekly postings and will continue in the future also. You can find a complete archive on exam 360. You can access the weekly GK & CA through exam 360 or the Questionbang app.


GK & CA One-liners

general knowledge & current affairs one liners

The GK & CA is now available on the Questionbang portal in a more reader-friendly format as one-liners. These are now viewable as a monthly collection – the earliest one is from February 2016. You can select any year and a month to browse the one-liners for that term.

The one-liners are for a quick reference, esp., if you are in a rush to prepare for the bank exams, Civil service exams, or other UPSC/NRA exams. Here is the complete site link ~ .

We hope you will find this feature useful. We value your feedback and welcome any comments to help us serve you better.

Happy learning!