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mock-set-plus chapterwise is a new type of test series to encourage progressive learning & assessment. The chapterwise  series  offers  top quality questions on different topics from past exams. These questions have been grouped based on chapters in each topic. The number of papers in each topic represents it’s weightage in a full length exam.

The chapterwise series is offering mock exams in following topics – Reasoning, Aptitude, General English and Banking Awareness.


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Reasoning Chapterwise  


Model question papers for Reasoning – Prelims/Mains. Total 900+ questions, 40 topics include


Number Series, Logical Problems, Judgments, Matching Definitions, Analogies, Games, Inequalities, Statement/Assumptions, Machine output, Puzzle, Statement/Conclusion, Cause and Effect, Logical Deduction, Letter/Symbol Series, Essential Part, Analyzing Arguments, Course of Action, Theme Detection, Statement/Argument

Verbal / Non-verbal 

Series, Sequence of Words, Syllogism, Coding/Decoding, Cause/Effect, Venn Diagrams, Analogy, Character Puzzles, Classification, Arithmetic Reasoning, Blood Relation, Decision making and Pattern Completion, Rule Detection.



Aptitude Chapterwise 


Model question papers for Numerical/Quantitative Aptitude – Prelims/Mains. Total 700 questions, 20+ topics include

Numbers, H.C.F and L.C.M, Decimal Fraction, Simplification, Square Root and Cube Root, Problems on Numbers, Problems on Ages and Trains, Percentage, Boats and Streams, Ratio and Proportion, Pipes and Cistern, Surds and Indices, Average, Quadratic Equations , Simple and Compound Interest, Profit and Loss, Partnership, Permutation and Combination, Alligation or Mixture, Time and Distance, Time and Work, Volume and Surface Area, Races and Games, Calendar, Clock, Stocks and Shares, Probability, Height and Distance, True Discount, Area, Logarithm, Banker’s Discount, Chain Rule, Series, Odd Man Out and Series, Table Charts, Pie Charts, Bar Charts and Line Charts.


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General English Chapterwise 

Model question papers for General English – Prelims/Mains. Total 500+ questions, English-chapterwise10 topics include


Antonyms, Synonyms, One Word Substitutes, Selecting Words, Reading Comprehension, Close Test, Sentence Formation and Correction, Completing Statements, Spotting Errors, Sentence improvement, Ordering of Words, Sentences Rearrangement, Paragraph Formation and Correction, Spellings, Change of Voice, Verbal Analogies, Idioms and Phrases and Change of Speech.


Banking Awareness Chapterwise 

Model question paper for Banking Awareness – Prelims/Mains. Total 500+ questions, Banking awareness-chapterwise15 topics include


Introduction to Indian Economy, Indian Banking System, Development of Indian Banking, Reforms and Innovation in Banking, Banking Institutions of India, Financial Market, Indian Capital Market, Industry and Foreign Trade, Budget and Finance, World Trade and IMF, National and International organization, Indian history, Geography, Indian Banking Industry, RBI and Monetary Policy, Money Market in India, Capital Market in India, Public Finance, National Income and Types of banks.


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