General knowledge and Current affairs E-book

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We have been offering weekly general knowledge and current affairs (GK & CA) through Bank Preparatory application. This collection now has 100+ weeks content. The GK & CA E-book is based on these contents, but in  PDF format for offline reading.

This book can be an ideal reference for students preparing for any competitive or recruitment exams (esp., those conducted by UPSC and other central or state recruitment boards ~ Civil Service exams, SSC, Railway Recruitment exams, Bank exams to name a few).

The E-book covers wide range of topics in general knowledge & current affairs, some of them as listed below:


Agricultural Machinery, Industrialized Farms, Irrigation, Genetic Engineering, Agricultural Science, Plant Pathology,  Waste Management, Agricultural Policy, Hill Farming



AGRI-BUSINESS, INDUSTRY, ECONOMY, MARKETS, BUDGET, STOCK QUOTES, Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, Corporation, Cooperative, Franchises, Charter Corporations, Statutory Companies, Public Companies And Private Companies, Retailers, Wholesalers, And Distributors, Service Businesses, Investments, Assets And Liabilities, Public Finance, Corporate Finance And Personal Finance, Rate Of Return, Tax Planning, Investment And Accumulation Goals, Capital Structure, Financial Crisis


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Film-making, Production Companies, Film Studios, Cinematography, Animation, Film Production, Screenwriting, Pre-production, Post Production, Film Festivals, Distribution; And Actors, Film Directors, And Other Film Crew Personnel, Independent Film, Indian Cinema, Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil Cinema, Telugu Cinema, Kannada Cinema, Malayalam Cinema, And Bangla Cinema, Screenwriting, Casting, Shooting, Sound Recording And Reproduction, Editing, And Screening, Bollywood Songs



Anthropology, Art, Music, Dance, Ritual, Religion, And Technologies, Tool Usage, Cooking, Shelter, Clothing, Mythology, Philosophy, Literature, Civilizations, Traditions, Cultural Invention, Traditional Clothing


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Composition, Geological Activity, Water, Earth, Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, Atmosphere, Climate, Weather, Atmospheric Layers, Principal Layers, Effects Of Global Warming, Climate, Weather, Life, Ecosystems, Biomes, Bio-geochemical Cycles, Wilderness, Geography, Geology, Geophysics & Geodesy, Lithosphere,  Hydrosphere, The Atmosphere, And The Biosphere



Earth, Human Geography And Physical Geography, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere,  Geo-sphere, Physical Sciences, Economics, Health, Climate, Plants, Animals, Bio-geography, Globalization, Technological Change, Spatial Analysis, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing,  Global Positioning Systems (GPS)


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WHO, Mental Health, Medicine, Research, Doctor, Hospitals, Cancer, Disease, Biological, Psychological, Social Stress, Veterinary Sciences, Healthy Communities, Healthy Cities Or Healthy Environments, Health Care Services, Public Health, Medical Care, Exercise, Enough Sleep, Genetics, Obesity, Diet, Exercise, Self-care, Youth Health, Nutrition, Aerobic Exercise, Aerobic Or Anaerobic Ability



Archaeology, Anthropology, Culture, Geography, History, Biography, Civilization, Ethnicity, Nation, Nation-State, State Constitution,  Dynasty, Democracy, Country, Socialism, Capitalism, Empire, Liberal, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Powerful Dynasties, Empires, Civilization, Kingdoms, Prehistoric Era, Vedas, Temples, Subculture


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PHARMACEUTICALS, TOURISM, Revolution, OIL AND GAS, Steel, Coal, Manufacturing Industries, Economies Of Scale, Artisans, Merchants, Automation, Service Sector, Lean Manufacturing, Technology, De-industrialization, Business, Commerce, Corporation, Management, Production, Trade, Manufacturing, Big Business, Commercial Enterprise, Multinational, Chinese Goods, TEXTILES, TELECOMMUNICATIONS



Novel, Short Story, Drama, Poetry, Prose, History, Language, Art, Aesthetics, Journalism, Literary, Aristotle, Sanskrit, Literature, Lit, Homer, Drama, Non-fiction, Piece Of Writing, Written Material, Religion, Literacy, Textbook, Author, Treatise, Romanticism, Dictionary, Latin Language, Writer, Book, Writings, Oral Literature, Texts, Syntax, Essays, Scholar, Philosophy, Short Story, Plato, Essay, Poems, Poet, Philology, Sociology


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Insurance, Insurance Policy, Polices, Strategy, Stance, Regulations, Law, Legislation, Rules, Guidelines, Directive, Guideline, Administration, Directives, Strategies, Rule, Decision, Strategic, Affairs, Principle, Approach, Principles, Framework, Politics, Government, Regulation, Regime, Governance, Substantive, Measures, Intervention, Actions, Political, Legislative, Standards, Regulatory, Norm, Polity, Guidance, Public, Position, Direction



The Observation, Identification, Description, Experimental Investigation,  Theoretical Explanation Of Phenomena, Knowledge, Scientific Discipline, Social Science, Natural Science, Mathematics, Scientific / Technological Advances, Computer Age, Computer Addiction, Technological Tools, Computer, Robot, Telescopes, Space Crafts, Nuclear Energy, Satellite,  Information / Communication Technology, The Development, Installation,  Implementation Of Computer Systems And Applications, Space Technology, Space, Flights, Scientific Experiments, Digital Divide


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Cricket, Hockey, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Gymnast, Gymnastics, Badminton, Football Basketball, Chess, Shooting, Wrestling, Boxing, Tennis, Squash, Weightlifting, Gymnastic, Athletics And Table Tennis, Badminton, Wrestling, Shooting, Weightlifting, Boxing And Tennis, Cricket, Field Hockey And Kabbadi, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, South Asian Games, Cricket World Cup, ICC World Twenty20, Afro-Asian Games, Asian Athletics Championships, Men’s Field Hockey World Cup, Men’s  Hockey World League, Asian Wrestling Championships, BWF World Championships, Olympic Games, Paralympic Games



Ecosystems, Deserts, Forests, Rain Forests, Plains, Grasslands, Endangered Species,  Wild crafting, Wildlife Corridor, Wildness, Herbivorous Animals, Hippopotamus Bengal And Indochinese Tigers, Asiatic Lions, Indian And Indochinese Leopards, Snow Leopards, Clouded Leopards, Various Species Of Deer,  Chital, Hangul, Barasingha, The Indian Elephant,  National Parks, Mammalian, Fauna, Flora, Fungi, Conservation


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These are mostly headlines or excerpts from on-line news portals or magazines.

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