All New Bank Preparatory

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Introducing – Bank preparatory version 3+

The Bank Preparatory  app completed 2 years on Play store; 10,000+ downloads, 100 – 600 active installs, surely are below par numbers! The feedback have been mixed,  mainly of following types:

  • Quality of content: There were some comments related to wrong questions or  answers. This has been addressed as and when  they were brought to our notice.
  • Content delivery: There were known performance issues, these have been taken care by previous releases.
  • Content presentation: There were few negative feedback, wanting us to improve user interface.

This release (version 3.1.2) is mainly about fully revamped user interface. Hope it is better now.



Look and feel changes

If you have been a user of earlier version of Bank Preparatory, you will notice that the new version is completely different. The icons, the fonts and the colors have been changed to offer a consistent look and feel across screens.

There are minor changes to layout especially, for the tab resolution.






New features 

Progress monitor: The main screen now shows weekly progress.

States Progress indicator
quizzes pending update Pending weekly update
quiz in progress Quiz in progress
number of quizzes pending Count of quizzes unattempted
All quiz completed All quizzes attempted


Please visit Google Play Store to download the latest version. We welcome your suggestion, please do write to us.