Towards Unifying Questionbang Apps

Towards Unifying Questionbang Apps

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Our first app is CET Social and is on play store for almost four years. Subsequent apps – Bank Preparatory, JEE 360 & NEET Weekly were developed using the same code base. We are going to continue supporting four separate apps as they are meant for different  exam patterns.

Moving with times, the design surely needed an overhaul, it was important to re-design the user interface to match with latest standards.  We took this opportunity to modify all of our apps to have a uniform design.



Design considerations


  • Distinct theme colors

          Each app now use a distinct primary color.


                           Apps                   Primary color
                           CET Social CET Social
                       NEET Weekly NEET Weekly
                            JEE 360 JEE 360
                     Bank Preparatory Bank Preparatory

Apps and theme colors


  • Progress monitoring

  The main screen now shows weekly progress.


                      Progress indicator                     Description
quizzes pending update Pending weekly update
quiz in progress Quiz in progress
number of quizzes pending Count of quizzes un-attempted
All quiz completed All quizzes attempted


Progress indicator and description


  • Consistent look and feel

  The apps have been revamped to have a greater consistency with regard to fonts, button styles and layout.



Thought for future

Maybe, Questionbang should consider offering a single app to target multiple exam patterns;  that would avoid a need for multiple apps for different exams.

Please visit Google Play Store to download the latest version of all apps. We welcome your suggestion, please do write to us.