Chapterwise Video Lessons

Chapterwise Video Lessons

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Questionbang added a new feature for offering chapterwise video lessons. There are already many video lectures on YouTube. However, Questionbang decided to go with Khan Academy videos as they are of exceptional quality; unlike regular lecture videos,  Khan Academy videos are more conceptual and targeted at larger audience.


Why video lessons?

Video lessons can compliment well with Questionbang chapterwise mock exams. Users can watch videos to learn concepts and can assess the learning using chapterwise mock exams.

Below are the links for chapterwise mock exams:


Questionbang video lessons

Below are the links for video lessons on different topics:

Bank Exams

Logical Reasoning    Logical Reasoning

Numerical Ability    Numerical Ability

General English   General English

Banking & Finance   Banking & Finance


Physics   Physics

Chemistry  Chemistry

Botany  Botany

 Zoology  Zoology


Physics    Physics

Chemistry   Chemistry

Mathematics  Mathematics


Physics    Physics

Chemistry   Chemistry

Mathematics  Mathematics


All Khan Academy content is available for free at – www.khanacademy.orgQuestionbang would like to  thank Khan Academy for allowing us to list their video lectures.

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