Affiliate How-to

Learn about affiliate links and ID

What is an affiliate ID?
An affiliate ID is a unique number associated with your account once you register with Questionbang affiliate program. If you already have an affiliate account, you can find your affiliate ID when you generate an affiliate link.

?wpam_id=12345 or

You can append Questionbang portal URLs or mock-set-plus URL with either ?wpam_id=12345 or ?qbaf_id=12345.
What is an affiliate link?
An affiliate link is a URL leading to Questionbang site or mock-set-plus. You need to append these URLs with an affiliated as parameter. Below is an example:

A user clicking the above links would be taken to a JEE ad page on Questionabang site. The site will also keep a track of the affiliate (in this case, it is 12345). If the same user visits the site in the future (assuming browser has retained cookie), the user still be considered as a lead from the same affiliate having ID 12345.

Questionbang offers two types of affiliate URLs -

  • URLs linking mock-set-plus:
  • URLs linking Questionbang portal or portal pages:

You are free to use the portal URLs or mock-set-plus URL. Both the types have their own pros and cons, the choice be made based on your campaign objectives. Please check Questionbang sitemap for various portal pages/links available for redirection.

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