One-One is an exclusive online coach. At the hindsight, One-One will connect you with an expert faculty to help you with your study. The One-One is all about giving a human touch to mock-set-plus.

introduction to one-one
Virtual Classroom

Questionbang classroom is hosted on Moodle cloud. You may want to check the classroom documentation before proceeding with the following sections. The One-One sessions are part of the virtual classroom, and are offered with some of the mock-set-plus products.

One-One sessions

One-One sessions are short online meetings between a student and a teacher. These meetings are ideally done through Questionbang virtual classroom. As the requirements may arise, they can also be arranged through phone call, WhatsApp or Skype.

One-One sessions are pre-scheduled. They are scheduled as per convenience of students. Sessions are short in nature, e.g., 30 minutes a session, once a week. A subject may need 20 sessions (or 10 hrs) max.

Each of one-one session would normally involve -
Study plans,
Sharing notes,
Reviewing mock test progress,
Clearing doubts.

Ideally, the sessions are spread over a period of several months (max 6 months).


1. Sessions scheduled based on student needs.
2. Mock exam review.
3. Study plan advises.
4. Sharing important notes and tips.