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questionbang - best practices

Questionbang – best practices

  Making best use of free Questionbang apps and mock-set-plus Introduction

Recently some of our app users were asking whether the Questionbang apps are free. Yes, Questionbang apps are more or less free for  majority of  features. One can attempt weekly quizzes and review answers without making…

Battle of Exams

Battle of Exams

“The toughest battle you’ll ever fight in your life is the battle within yourself.” – Anonymous

An exam toughness is subjective, it may be difficult to quantify. Any opinion based on past feedback may not be valid for future exams. We try to compare three popular exams…

Score share - Insight in to relative strength or weakness

Score share – Insight into relative strength or weakness


If you are a Bank Preparatory app user, you may be watching your score share regularly. This feature comes under My chances, and is a part of Result analysis feature. All of Questionbang apps, viz., Bank Preparatory, JEE 360 and NEET Weekly offer this feature. The score share feature is…

Overall Result Analysis - digging deeper in to mock-set-plus result analysis

Overall Result Analysis – digging deeper into mock-set-plus result analysis

Imagine, you have been using one of Questionbang apps for several weeks, and also mock-set-plus. You want to have a consolidated performance report card, e.g., comparison of your best  weekly score and best mock-set-plus score, or your overall performance compared with other users. An overall result analysis does just that. It is about summing up…

Using CET Social on Android Tablets

No different from how you have been using it on Android phone,  install app from  google play using your tablet (Ice Cream Sandwich or up)  and good to go. You may want to check a detailed write up about application and features from online manual. The app…

5 minute mock tests?

5 minute mock tests?

The CET Social and more apps soon to be released will continue to follow 5 X 5 pattern; five minutes for each mock test, five mock tests per topic every week . These apps are designed for mobiles or tablets  to help practice or play anywhere,…

Scoring trends - rank v/s score

Scoring trends – rank v/s score

One of our users have been doing extremely well in PCB, while the user seems to have opted for stat instead of bio in class 12th. This did happen for the user only for 1-2 weeks, but not longer. May be the student was good at…

Qb's day out

Qb’s day out

We have been demonstrating CET Social app in some of the PU  colleges  around Hubli and  Dharwad.  We knew that an app like CET Social would not need any presentation or demo, but it  was important for us to  get to know the end users and user…

Somewhat social?

Somewhat social?

What is social  in question bang! apps?   As  with our first app  (CET Social), the key  features like  my ranking and top five depend on the number of contestants playing the quiz.  More features  are being planned for the future versions, esp.,  those to share results  and…

CET Social on play store

CET Social on play store

So  question bang! finally made it to the play store with  first ever app CET Social   Please download from play store .