Study @ Home Through One-One

Study @ Home Through One-One

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We all know that the internet is full of free materials – books, notes, video lessons, mock exams. Enough for studying and preparing for any exam?

Questionbang is also offering useful study materials (video lessons) on various topics related to NEET, JEE and Bank exams. Thanks to Khan Academy, we are basically sharing chapterwise contents, keeping CBSE syllabus of these exams in mind.

We also have weekly quizzes through apps, full length mock exams (chapterwise) through mock-set-plus – maybe sufficient for self study.



Can any of these materials make someone succeed in exams?

No, it is more about how or whether you consume these contents. From our past experience, many of the students who buy chapterwise mock exams hardly complete 50% of what we offer. Even our weekly quizzes are not attempted more than a few weeks. The students often end up gathering contents that they  are never going to read or practice. It surely needs an active participation from users to achieve any positive results.


Why One-One?

One-One is all about making someone to spend a quality time on whatever content they have at disposal. Ideally, the  lectures you attend during your regular class is more than sufficient to get a big picture of syllabus and concepts. We are also sharing free video lessons from the Khan Academy on most topics. Everything that is needed now is your participation – studying  and reviewing.

  1. You need attention only on what you don’t know or what you find difficult – be a problem in mathematics or a topic in Chemistry or Physics. You probably don’t want to hear a full lecture while your requirement is only on specific concepts.
  2. Any additional coaching (after the class hour coaching) often involves time and effort that otherwise would have spent in studying and practicing.
  3. Regular commuting or re-location to far away places for having a quality coaching can be a costly affair. Note that the final outcome is going to be dependent on your effort and knowledge. Maybe, better if you can utilize your time and effort (and money) to focus on topics that really matter or topics you find difficult.



Exclusive, private and flexible

You probably want someone watch you study or practice. Imagine you have got so much study material – books, notes, mock exams, video lessons. You need a watchdog to see that you really spend time on using those. You also need someone to help you only with topics that you find difficult or important. That is One-One.

  1. Once a fortnight or whenever you want, one-one tutors and moderators will contact you to arrange exclusive sessions.
  2. Questionbang faculty will motivate you to attempt most of the chapterwise mock exams, help you with key areas that performance analysis highlights.
  3. Sessions are scheduled as per your conveniences – when and how you prefer.
  4. You study from your home – Questionbang virtual classroom connects finest tutors to assist you whenever required.


One-One is a study companion who make sure you really study, what do you think?

We value your feedback and welcome any comments to help us serve you better.