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General Knowledge
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General knowledge and current affairs is a collection of weekly GK & CA since June, 2016. These have been featured weekly through Bank Preparatory and Exam 360.

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This book can be an ideal reference for students preparing for any competitive or recruitment exams (esp., those conducted by UPSC and other central or state recruitment boards ~ Civil Service exams, SSC, Railway Recruitment exams, Bank exams to name a few).

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General Knowledge and Current Affairs - Science & Technology

Observation, Identification, Description, Experimental Investigation, Theoretical Explanation Of Phenomena, Knowledge, Scientific Discipline, Social Science, Natural Science, Mathematics, Scientific / Technological Advances, Computer Age, Computer Addiction, Technological Tools, Computer, Robot, Telescopes, Space Crafts, Nuclear Energy, Satellite, Information / Communication Technology, Installation, Implementation Of Computer Systems And Applications, Space Technology, Space, Flights, Scientific Experiments, Digital Divide